Ever since the Late His Highness Ganga Singh Ji, who visualized and founded Sriganganagar, there haven’t been many visionaries who made a difference to the town or its people. Mr. Surendera Kumar Aggarwal, Chairman of the Trust, a philanthropist with a vision, migrated to Sri Ganganagar in 1988 with a mission to establish premier institutions for the propagation of medical and dental education to provide international standard medical and dental facilities to the society.

He is a man with both far sight and foresight and is a well known philanthropist who is adept at perceiving the perfect remedy for the ailing community and the people at large. It was after much persuasion and persistence of the Trustees that he finally agreed to lend his name to the College.

Mr. Surendera Kumar Aggarwal formed and registered the trust in 1999 in the memory of his parents Late Smt.Vidyawanti and Sh.Labhu Ram. The trust aimed at dissemination of education in the fields of medicine and dentistry, paramedical and other allied sciences and to carry out research activities in fundamental and applied medical sciences, the motive being alleviation of sufferings of the society and pursuit of philanthropic activities. There was no Dental College in Sriganganagar or even within the radius of 500 kms in Rajasthan at that time so, the trust decided to establish a Dental College & Hospital that would not only prepare professionals for tomorrow, but also give means of livelihood to so many people who would be directly or indirectly attached with this profession, besides dental health care to the public at large.