Dental Hospital has an OPD of more than 500-550 patients daily and also has 24 hrs. Emergency Services for patients & students. Surendera Dental College & Research Institute is a teaching and patient care institution. Our dental clinics, since 2002, have provided quality patient care and service to the community. The mission of the College includes the education and training of dental practitioners, dental research and service to the community.

Lecture Theratres

The institute has large air conditioned, scientifically designed lecture theaters. Visibility, acoustics and sitting comfort have been specially taken care of. The audio-visual teaching aids like the public address system, overhead projectors, and 35 mm slide projectors and LCD projectors are also available in each lecture theater.


The Surendera Dental College & Research Institute has a well established library with more than 5338 books, 911 titles & appox 218 online journals. This is another jewel in the crown of the Institute. The library has a vast and rich collection of current books by reputed national and international authors. It has an exhaustive collection of old and current issues of national and international journals on various clinical, para clinical and basic subjects. A separate audio-visual hall is attached as an annex to the library. To surf for the latest dental literature, the library has computers with Internet access.


The laboratories of Surendera Dental College & Research Institute are equipped with adequate number of scientific instruments so that each student gets full exposure and chance to handle them. Department of Bio-Chemistry, Dept. of Physiology, Dept. of Anatomy, Dept. of Pathology, Dept. of Histology, Dept. of Microbiology have full fledged laboratories where students can experiment and get hands on experience.


Various medical and dental departments of this college have their seperate full fledged museums having enough specimens to provide adequate practical training to students.

Mobile Dental Clinic

The college has two mobile dental vans with well-equipped dental clinics in them and has adequate seating arrangement for the patients. The mobile vans are fully air conditioned and provide doorstep treatment to the ailing communities especially in rural villages.