Department of Periodontology & Oral Implantology

Periodontology & Oral Implantology is the branch of science that deals with all the supporting, investing and surrounding structures/ tissue of teeth including dental implants in health and disease.


 Department  of Periodontology  and Oral Implantology

 is enriched with the best state of art infrastructure including major periodontal surgical equipment including Diode laser, Implant surgical kits with Physiodispenser, Crestal and Lateral Sinus lift kits, electro-cautery units, magnifying loops etc. Special attention was delivered to the Undergraduates students & interns during their clinical training regarding diagnosis etc., via group  and chair side discussions so that along with routine periodontal therapy, they not only perform minor surgical treatment but also assisted actively in major surgical procedures. Department also offered recognized MDS since 2014-15 and provide  specialized training to their post graduates   regarding periodontal diagnosis, conventional non- surgical , Routine and advanced  periodontal  soft (FGG, SCTG, LDF ,CAF etc.) and hard tissue regeneration therapy  (utilizing GBR, GTR, Growth factors etc.), laser assisted  periodontal surgeries, Conventional , immediate  implants,  Sinus lift training for implants, management of implant complications  and many more.

Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Mission : Periodontal and implant treatment in reach of all the citizens.
Our Vision : Healthy Gums for Everyone

Our Goal : To nurture the budding dentist and  periodontists with sound knowledge of basics, technical, clinical support and excellent clinical training through highly experienced and renowned  in house faculty, for their better carrier prospective.

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